Why Americans Will Never Like Football

Posted by www.swfootball.net | | Thursday 21 October 2010 8:43 pm

Call them bad tourists, call them obese, call them hillbillies, all in good fun, but one thing you could never call the average American is a football fan, better yet soccer as they call it. Just one hop skip and a jump across the pond and suddenly football is a glorified version of rugby, except for smaller balls and more padding, yet this call this a manlier sport. Of course, American Football is not on trial here, the game itself is actually very entertaining in its own right, eliciting almost the same emotional fervour as the real football does in Europe. However, for some reason, even after a competitive American roster dispatched of the British club in World Cup play, enthusiasm for the sport as whole can last little longer than a week or so before and after a major tilt on the global stage.Midway through the next month, Americans quickly move on to their national pastime of baseball or one of the other “Big Four” sports. Yes, somehow the Canadians managed to wedge Hockey into this category. So why don’t Americans gravitate towards the rest of the world simply can’t get enough of?The thing about the States is that they demand their gratification instantly. After all, it’s a land of interstates blanketed by fast food stops at every exit, sacrificing total quality for quick pacing. A McRib might fill you up, but a slab of ribs is much preferred. Football is a game in which few goals or scored, even relatively few shots on goal for that matter. Much of the time is passed around the midfield with the ball only moving into the attacking zone in a seriously threatening manner on occasion. American audiences do not have the natural appreciation many Europeans do for the tactical and strategic initiatives in place as well as the skillful ball handling, simply because Americans only play football as toddlers. Yes there are high school football clubs and professional leagues, but they do not get the same popularity, following or level of competition as their fellow league contemporaries. The high school basketball team is likely very tough to make while the “soccer” team is more of a resume builder for those edged out from other sports by more athletic peers.Football will always be a fallback sport for the Americans, something to watch on TV when nothing else is on, more in awe of the culture surrounding the game abroad than the game itself, and something to play when there are no other options as well. The game is simply to slow and without history, and as the best American soccer plays continue to take their talent to Europe it is difficult to build the prerequisite history to garner interest. Football in America shall remain event driven until something changes with the very make-up of the game, an unlikely occurrence in the world’s most basic and heavily scrutinized, lacking a continuous presence in national spotlight.

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