The State Of Soccer As A Sport In The World

Posted by admin | | Thursday 15 September 2011 12:00 am

While the state of the world-s economy is in shambles the state of soccer on an upswing once again. Nothing points more to the fact with the recent agreement with Arsenal and Manchester City over the transfer of Samir Nasri. The transfer is a reported 25 million Euros. This is just one instance of salaries increasing for the world-s best players across the globe.

Recently soccer just ended the women-s World Cup that presented superb finishes in all rounds culminating with an exhilarating final won by the Japanese.Get more information here. Also what country more needed a boost after recent developments?

Using the momentum from the World Cup we work into next year-s big tournament the European Championship 2012. This event should help increase grow the sport across the globe and especially in the United States. While some think that expanding in the United States isn-t a priority the financial boom that they can bring with them is second to none.

After the 2012 European Championships there will be a one year off from major international competitions with the World Cup coming to Brazil in 2014.

To hold us over you need to look no further than the Premier League which is in action at this time. As the season gets under way we look already to see Manchester City and Manchester United already tied at the top of the standings. Manchester City has already had positive results from its 38 million euro investment in Sergio Aguero as he scored two goals against Swansea City in his premiere in the Premier League.

Overall the State of Soccer is in a positive world. With big events in the next years expect more eyes and dollars be put into the largest sport in the world. Expect stars such as Lionel Messi to take the world by storm in upcoming years. With these changes come many more opportunities for betting exchange trading too. Modern football is becoming increasingly predictable with the advent of massive amounts of statistics and game/player information, thus making predictable results very much a reality.

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