Are You a Premiere League Talent?

Posted by admin | Fantasy Leagues | Wednesday 18 August 2010 3:15 pm

For former athletes across the globe, not to mention millions worldwide who were always a little better at reading and analyzing the box score than actual on-field performance, fantasy sports offer the perfect outlet to satisfy the competitive spirit, with sprints limited to a quick dash from the television to the computer screen. The popular hobby that has consumed players for over a decade now is available for Premier League Soccer, functioning much like its fantasy (American) football and fantasy baseball counterparts. Managers can form leagues with friends, testing their sports knowledge and forecasting abilities against that of their contemporaries and showing off superior skill without breaking a sweat.Last year over 2 million football fans tried their hand at Fantasy Premier League, which is available for registration on the official Premier League website, paying an accumulated 0 on their way to a full seasons worth of entertainment. (more…)