Which Football Team In South America Is The Best

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Football is a global enterprise that fills stadiums to capacity around the world. Football fandom is rabid. There are hooligans. There are enthusiasts. Outfitted in bright jerseys, logos, and crests, football fans the world over hoist the flags of their native country and sing songs of rivalry and redemption. Football is a sport of pride. It is a symbol of nationalism and cultural unity. In America, we call the game soccer; the name alone does not hold as much gravity and pride as the word football. It Europe and (more…)

Which Colleges Have The Best Programs For Soccer

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There are some colleges that have the best programs for soccer. The first college team is Indiana. Indiana has won several different national championships over the years. They are very well known for the men’s soccer teams. This is because they hold a record for the most soccer wins in a regular season. The second college team is Creighton. Creighton has won the NCAA tournament 18 out of the 19 times that it has played in the tournament. They won the College Cup three times and at least one (more…)