Which Football Team In South America Is The Best

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Football is a global enterprise that fills stadiums to capacity around the world. Football fandom is rabid. There are hooligans. There are enthusiasts. Outfitted in bright jerseys, logos, and crests, football fans the world over hoist the flags of their native country and sing songs of rivalry and redemption. Football is a sport of pride. It is a symbol of nationalism and cultural unity. In America, we call the game soccer; the name alone does not hold as much gravity and pride as the word football. It Europe and South America, it is sacred.

Football was once dominated by the European superpowers. As time goes on, more and more South American teams have excelled. Brazil has the best football squad in South America. Brazil is hosting the next World Cup and their club will be sure to give the Europeans a challenge. Football is in the Brazilian blood; it is part of the soil, and part of the national character. Brazil has some of the most talented players on the planet. Brazil is, after all, the country that declared football the beautiful game. Spain and Italy remain the powerhouses of Europe, but Brazil stands above the rest in Latin America.

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