What Country Has The Best Soccer Training Program

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For the best training in soccer, and the country which really produces the best all star athletes, you are going to have to go to south america, generally in brazil, in order to find the best of the best. Brazil has been the best in world cup soccer performance, throughout the history of the cup, being the only nation to win 5 cups. The next closest country is Germany, who holds three cups. The training in brazil really begins at a young age, and this is the only sport which the country really spends the funds on, in order (more…)

Where We’d Like to See the World Cup Next…

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The World Cup is years away and even the Women-s World Cup is over for nowwhat-s a soccer fan to do? Other than watch game reruns on http://www.direct.tv you can be dreaming about your ideal World Cup city ” there are a lot of great towns out there but here-s where we-d like to see the tournament played
Los Angeles: it-s a huge city and it-s got a pretty high soccer-watching population as far as the US goes and we think (more…)