Where We’d Like to See the World Cup Next…

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The World Cup is years away and even the Women-s World Cup is over for nowwhat-s a soccer fan to do? Other than watch game reruns on http://www.direct.tv you can be dreaming about your ideal World Cup city ” there are a lot of great towns out there but here-s where we-d like to see the tournament played
Los Angeles: it-s a huge city and it-s got a pretty high soccer-watching population as far as the US goes and we think it-s high time the states got in on the action. Think of all the great rioting that will go on as soon as the games are played!
Tokyo: No city is more in need of a pick-me-up right now than Tokyo and though it-s not really a soccer town it can become one really quick. Japan needs our tourism dollars and they-ve got a track record of going above and beyond when it comes to international sporting tournaments.
Moscow: Why not? There-s never been a more peaceful time to suggest everyone coming together in Russia and if we-ve learned one thing over the year it-s that those Ruskies know how to throw a party

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