Understanding Premiere League’s New Rosters

Posted by admin | League Rules | Wednesday 18 August 2010 3:39 pm

Understanding the Premier League’s new 25-man rule is apparently quite the arduous task for many players, managers and fans who have flung themselves into a full-fledged hissy fit. Common misconception is that it will greatly change the game on the field and limit a team’s options towards putting together the best possible product on the field. In reality, these changes have specific caveats and clauses to ease any restriction felt by club management and to ensure that football’s most esteemed players will still find work, likely even staying put with their current club. Here is a look at a few of the details of the much bally-hooed 25 man roster rule you might not have been aware of.’Under 21′ Clause While the rule’s limitations do prohibit rosters with more than 25 players, this total does not include players under 21, meaning that up-and-coming stars can easily find work and will not push out savvy veterans whose peak of play may rest just behind them. (more…)

Premier League Preview

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Traditionally a 4 team race, last season’s disappointing showing out of Liverpool FC has teams that are traditionally relegated to the middle of the Premier League pack thinking it could be their time to break through English football’s glass ceiling. Liverpool’s misfortune was of course Tottenham’s gain as the club exceeded expectations with a 4th place finish. Just two weeks away from the open of Premier League pre-season play, here is a look at what one might expect in the upcoming season.

  1. Chelsea (09/10 record: 27-6-5) It’s hard to knock the defending Premier League champions, especially considering they scored a record 103 goals on their way to the title. Boasting a goal differential of 71, 13 goals ahead of the League’s next closest mark, Chelsea showed offensive firepower unmatched in English soccer. Even with key losses in Ballack, Belletti and Cole, the Blues were even more dominant than the final standings would indicate and should look to hold on to their top position. (more…)

Liverpool in Question

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The most successful name in the history of English football (with only Manchester United presenting even the semblance of a legitimate protest), the Liverpool Football Club has fallen upon hard times over the past season, both on and off the field. Liverpool’s play failed to qualify for the Champions League, a rarity for the club, while manager Rafa Benitez left the club after six seasons at the helm. Just a season after Benitez signed a new 5 year contract to stay with Liverpool, citing his love for the club, city and fans in the process, the relationship soured as Liverpool limped towards a 7th place finish. At year’s end, it was mutually agreed upon that the contract would be terminated and the team and long time coach would part ways. Benitez quickly caught on with InterMilan who, ironically, will be defending their Champions League title, where Liverpool will be stuck on the outside looking in. (more…)

Fulham Looks to Sustain Improvement

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Perhaps if the Barclays Premiere League took after your football camps, they would offer a most improved trophy to boost the spirits of clubs who gave outstanding performances that exceeded expectations over the course of the year. Were this the trophy to exist, Fulham FC would most certainly be a deserving candidate for back to back awards, unless of course, having a two-time winner would seem too counterintuitive to the spirit of a “most improved” award. While the club itself will receive no trophy for their efforts, manager Roy Hodgson is walking away with a prize of his own, the high paying highly esteemed position as Liverpool’s new manager.Prior to Hodgson’s arrival, Fulham floundered to consecutive 16th and 17th place finishes in the Premier League standings, eligible only for League Cup play and excluded from the higher prestige tournaments better finishing squads would enjoy. (more…)

Are You a Premiere League Talent?

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For former athletes across the globe, not to mention millions worldwide who were always a little better at reading and analyzing the box score than actual on-field performance, fantasy sports offer the perfect outlet to satisfy the competitive spirit, with sprints limited to a quick dash from the television to the computer screen. The popular hobby that has consumed players for over a decade now is available for Premier League Soccer, functioning much like its fantasy (American) football and fantasy baseball counterparts. Managers can form leagues with friends, testing their sports knowledge and forecasting abilities against that of their contemporaries and showing off superior skill without breaking a sweat.Last year over 2 million football fans tried their hand at Fantasy Premier League, which is available for registration on the official Premier League website, paying an accumulated 0 on their way to a full seasons worth of entertainment. (more…)