Understanding Premiere League’s New Rosters

Posted by admin | League Rules | Wednesday 18 August 2010 3:39 pm

Understanding the Premier League’s new 25-man rule is apparently quite the arduous task for many players, managers and fans who have flung themselves into a full-fledged hissy fit. Common misconception is that it will greatly change the game on the field and limit a team’s options towards putting together the best possible product on the field. In reality, these changes have specific caveats and clauses to ease any restriction felt by club management and to ensure that football’s most esteemed players will still find work, likely even staying put with their current club. Here is a look at a few of the details of the much bally-hooed 25 man roster rule you might not have been aware of.’Under 21′ Clause While the rule’s limitations do prohibit rosters with more than 25 players, this total does not include players under 21, meaning that up-and-coming stars can easily find work and will not push out savvy veterans whose peak of play may rest just behind them. The cut-off for age determination is a January 1st birth date, stipulating all players 21 prior to the calendar year in which the season begins must be counted towards the 25-man roster total.’8 Home Grown’ Clause This clause in and of itself is often misunderstood by frightful managers, fearing they will have to keep 8 British born players on their 25-man roster at all times. “Home grown,” however, does not exclusively mean British, as any player, regardless of where he hails from, can earn tenure towards the status. In order to be considered home grown, a player must be registered to any team affiliated with the Football Association or Football Association of Wales for three seasons (or for younger players, 36 months prior to their 21st birthday). Because big time football clubs already recruit foreign talent at extremely young ages, most of the current players on their rosters are technically home grown talents already, requiring few, if any, modifications when fielding a competitive team.

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